10 things you didn’t know about the Gold Seal Company

Medora as we know it today never would have happened if it wasn’t for the hard working  Harold Schafer. Harold achieved many successes throughout his life; all building off one another. One of his achievements in particular spurred on the resurrection of our fair town, Medora. That achievement was the creation of the Gold Seal Company; which Harold started in his basement. To find out 10 more interesting facts about the Gold Seal Company, continue reading.


10. Gold Seal was headquartered in Bismarck.

9. It was founded in 1942.

8. In 1965, the Medora Division of the Gold Seal Company was opened.

7. Gold Seal’s profits dramatically increased when Harold introduced a product called Glass Wax. The product was met with national acclaim.

6. Gold Seal was sold to Airwick Industries in 1986.

5. To create the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation, stockholders of Gold Seal agreed to donate all of their Medora assets to this budding foundation.

4. Besides Glass Wax, Harold sold two other products, Snowy Bleach and Mr. Bubble, that eventually became the number one selling product in the world in their respective categories.

3. Gold Seal’s initial profit in 1943 was $901.02.

2. At its height, Gold Seal had annual revenues of $50 million.

1. Gold Seal had 22 stockholders: Harold and Sheila, seven of their children, and twelve grandchildren. The other stockholder was Erma Wolters, Harold’s longtime secretary and friend.