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This post was written by Clay Jenkinson, and originally published in his weekly column for the Bismarck Tribune.

July is almost gone. Any day now the box stores will carve out large spaces for school supplies. We all know what’s coming — what every North Dakotan knows must come — and it makes us want to linger outdoors in the evening, makes us want to schedule more picnics, more hikes, more days at the lake, more time on the river, more afternoons in the Badlands than we would think appropriate if this were southern California and summer lasted forever.

We cannot afford to pace ourselves here. North Dakotans have to squeeze in an awful lot of recreation between July 1 and Labor Day. It’s use it or lose it on the northern plains.

My daughter and I were in Medora last week to see the Medora Musical with the great Sheila Schafer, now enjoying her 50th summer in the Badlands. Read more →

Many of you know that President Theodore Roosevelt spent time in Medora. You’ve also probably heard his famous quote, “I never would have been President were it not for my experiences in North Dakota.” However, there is more to the former President’s time here than these two stories. Here are ten things you may not know about Theodore Roosevelt.

Teddyism Graphic 2

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When we first start rehearsing in May, we have the advantage of a wall of mirrors. This helps so much to learn choreography! But once we reach the amphitheater, it’s all about numbers and spacing and timing… no mirrors anymore. The stage is lined with ascending numbers out from the center (being “0″) to each side. Besides, lyrics, correct notes, and precise choreography, we also have to be in the right place at all times. This precise placement of each moment of the show is called our “blocking.” Read more →


 – The Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation is pleased to announce that it will be hosting Karen Bakke, of Fargo, ND, as Artist in Residence August 6 through August 12.

Studio-style painting demonstrations, a gallery exhibit, and one and two-day painting workshops will be available for visitors and members of the public throughout the week. Bakke’s Medora studio will be located at the End of the Trail building in downtown Medora.

Bakke has worked as a professional artist for over 38 years and comments,

 ”Art is my passion and profession. Working as a muralist, fine artist and graphic designer since 1976, I’ve just been living the dream. And to do it in Medora — I couldn’t imagine a more beautiful setting for artistic inspiration.”

The “Painting the Badlands” workshops will be held Wednesday and Thursday, August 6 and 7, from  9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the End of Trail studio. This in-depth painting workshop (participation limited to 10-12 people) is designed to stimulate participants’ creative thinking and problem solving. One day workshops cost $100. Two-day workshops cost $175.

For more information or to register contact Karen Bakke at 701-866-1152 or at

This blog was written by Burning Hill Singer Delanie Wiedich. It is her first blog in a series of blogs from North Dakota Burning Hills Singers.

delanie wiedrich - 2014 Burning Hills Singer

It is a beautiful May morning when I wake up in a hotel bed in Plymouth, Minnesota. I lay there for just a moment, trying to wrap my head around what is happening.

Within the past 24 hours my world has been flipped upside down; I have turned 18, left my hometown, said goodbye to my friends and family, not quite completed high school, and am starting my first professional job as a Burning Hills Singer in the Medora Musical. Panic is about to set in when I rip myself from the comfort of my bed and dress myself for the day. Read more →

This blog was written on July 17, 2014 by . We encourage any visitors to Medora to share their stories with us the way Kathryn has. For more of Kathryn’s writing, go to:

One of the things I love about travelling is discovering the hidden treasures in every region, places that might not be as well-known as the big cities but that have their own special magic and appeal. Recently my boys and I visited North Dakota for a week and were able to discover one of those hidden treasures first-hand: the tourist town of Medora, just outside Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

medora bank and post office Read more →

You’ve checked into the Rough Riders Hotel, picked up the the perfect souvenirs for your best friend at the Rough Riders Gift Shop and treated yourself to the best ice cream this side of the Missouri. Your’re going to a Theodore Roosevelt Salute to Medora and of course you already have your tickets to the Medora Musical. Only thing is, you still have a couple of hours to kill. What do you do? If watching your smiling kids do all the running and jumping while you sit and relax sounds amazing, saunter on over to the Family Fun Center.

Medora's Family Fun Center

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(MEDORA, ND)The Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation (TRMF) announced today that the Medora Musical saw a 14% increase in attendance during the week of July 4– with nearly 8,700 attendees at the Show during the popular holiday travel week, July 1-7.

“It’s exciting to see these types of attendance increases.” commented TRMF Marketing Director, Justin Fisk. “Fourth of July Week is always a big week in Medora – with parades and the fireworks display and the overall patriotic theme of the Show – folks really enjoy Medora this time of the year.” Read more →

2014 Medora Musical Cast

This blog was written by Burning Hill Singer Damon Fichter. It is his first blog in a series of blogs from North Dakota Burning Hills Singers.

I’m currently in a van packed, full of Burning Hills Singers, on our way to Watford City where we will perform at a school and nursing home. As I see everyone relaxing and chatting during our ride, I sometimes forget we are all here for a job. Really?! I am getting paid to sing and dance with my friends. I am only 21 and I feel like I have one of the best jobs in the world. Read more →

Third Annual Photo Contest Underway at
Theodore Roosevelt National Park

TRNP July 2012

Theodore Roosevelt National Park and the Theodore Roosevelt Nature and History Association are pleased to announce the Third Annual “Picture Yourself in Theodore Roosevelt National Park” Photo Contest. Entries for the contest will be accepted through September 1, 2014. Read more →


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